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Traditionally in the monasteries the senior students help teach the preliminary practices for the Lamas. This may be the last time Khentrul Rinpoche teaches the Ngöndro series in detail as our future Kalachakra Ngöndro program will be taught by his senior students. Do not miss this special chance to learn directly from the Vajra Master.

In this time of considerable conflict and strife, the practice of Kalachakra is said to be particularly effective. As these teachings arose from the spiritual realm of Shambhala, they are closely linked to the cultivation of peace and harmony. These teachings are exceedingly rare in this world and therefore it is very difficult to encounter them, let alone in a language that you can understand. While many people have taken Kalachakra Initiations from great masters such as H.H. the Dalai Lama, instructions for how to exactly practice have been very limited.

The instructions for these practices were originally taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni to the Dharma King of Shambhala where they were preserved until eventually being introduced into India around the tenth century and soon afterwards into Tibet. With the extraordinary methods of the Kalachakra completion stage practices, known as the Six Vajra Yogas, it is possible to attain complete enlightenment within a single human lifetime. While the Six Vajra Yogas are the main practice of the Kalachakra Path, to be qualified to engage in these practices, one must first spend time focusing on the Preliminary Practices (Ngöndro).

Rinpoche plans to approach the Kalachakra Ngöndro this time from a quite different approach, focusing on the Shambhala lineage. Short overview:

  1. What does one mean by different karmic propensities and manifestations?
  2. How to change perspective and not experience the Kaliyuga?
  3. How can Kalachakra help us to transform our human birth into something very precious?
  4. How to avoid falling back into six realms of suffering.
  5. Eliminating karmic propensities through the lens of tantric methods.
  6. The meaning of Dharma Kings and Kalkis.
  7. How do the compassionate Kalk Kings transform the world?
  8. Understanding how the Kalkis and other enlightened beings manifest as Dharma teachers.
  9. Learning how to form the perfect relationship with Dharma teachers and the incredible benefits of it.
  10. The connection between Guru and student: the key of the tantric practice.=


This schedule is based on Melbourne time. If you are unsure if the time is correct for your timezone please convert it yourself.


After you register prior to the online course, you will be sent an email containing all of the information to log into learn.dzokden.org and follow along. The course will be held through “Zoom“. In order to access the sessions, you need to download the Zoom App onto the device through which you want to join.

We will provide you with the Zoom link (as well as Zoom Meeting-ID and Password) created by Dzokden. You will need this link (or alternatively Zoom Meeting-ID and Password) to access the online sessions. The Zoom link (as well as Zoom Meeting-ID and Password) will be provided at the latest two days before the online event in your email as well as in the Dzokden learning center.
Access to Video Materials Afterwards

The retreat access and all the prayers will be provided for you in Dzokden’s new online learning center (Khentrul Rinpoche’s International Organization). We encourage everyone to connect to the live-streamed retreat in real time but if that is not possible, you can still log in to the learning center after the retreat and access all of the retreat content. This retreat material will not be accessible online to people outside of the learning center.

We have many costs to make Khentrul Rinpoche’s teachings available to you. The platforms we use, the center to house volunteers, their food, our servers and many more things are not free. Therefore we can not make our courses free without cost. Because we have students in all areas of the world we have adjusted for the cost of living in various countries. Thank you for understanding our decisions on how we can make this accessible to our global family. If your ability to pay makes it difficult to attend this program, we will make every effort to make attendance possible. Please email chloe@dzokden.org to discuss a lower offering amount or a full scholarship. No one is turned away for lack of money.
It’s customary at the end of empowerment for students to make an offering of Dana to the guru. As this is an online event, you can make the offering of Dana to Rinpoche here.

email chloe@dzokden.org


Date: May 1
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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Phone: 0397546212
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