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There are hundreds of vows in Buddhism between all the vehicles. Upon entering the path, it may seem daunting to keep them all. Vows are like learning to ride a bike. At first it may seem difficult to do it, but once you are in the habit they happen automatically. 

Khentrul Rinpoche will give teachings to help us ascertain the essence of the vows. When we understand the essence then it is easier to keep the full array. He will help us understand how we can use our mind to understand them in degrees and work to keep them all. It may seem confusing as if the Pratimoksa and tantric vows are contradictory. Rinpoche explains the non-contradictory nature of maintaining the vows of the 3 vehicles. 

Practical Teaching Includes:
Pratimoksha Vows
Bodhisattva Vows
Tantric Vows
25 Shambhala Warrior Conducts (Kalachakra Vows)
There will be plenty of opportunity for questions, discussions and sharing throughout the day.

Rinpoche will be teaching in English.

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Cantonese, and Mandarin. Additional languages may be added. Translations are only available for live attendees.

How does the Online Retreat Work?

After you register prior to the online retreat, you will be sent an email containing all of the information to login and follow along.

The course will be held through “Zoom“. In order to access the sessions, you need to download the Zoom App onto the device through which you want to join.
We will provide you with the Zoom link (as well as Zoom Meeting-ID and Password) created by Dzokden. You will need this link (or alternatively Zoom Meeting-ID and Password) to access the online sessions.
The Zoom link (as well as Zoom Meeting-ID and Password) will be provided at the latest two days before the online event in your email as well as in the Dzokden learning center.
Access to Video Materials Afterwards

The retreat access and all the prayers will be provided for you in Dzokden’s new online learning center (Khentrul Rinpoche’s International Organization). We encourage everyone to connect to the live-streamed retreat in real time but if that is not possible, you can still login to the learning center after the retreat and access all of the retreat content. This retreat material will be put up in the learning center as soon as possible after each class.



Date: November 8, 2020
9:00 am - 11:00 am
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