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What would you do in your life if you were complete without fear or worry? While fear can be challenging, it can also be used skilfully as an extremely powerful tool for deepening your spiritual practice. You can learn to work with uncertainty, facing reality head-on, and cutting through the self-cherishing and subconscious attachments that lie at the root of your fear. Fears and worry limit us from being fully present to our limitless nature. The fearless mind sees openness and opportunity where worry, anxiety, and terror once lived. You don’t have to be an advanced yogi meditating in a burial ground to make use of fear. In fact, the best opportunities are those arising right now in each moment of life. Therefore, take the first step to face your fears and transform them into a precious gift for liberation.

For information please call Julie on 0487 440 140 or email temple@rimebuddhism.com


Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute
Phone: +61397546212
Email: temple@rimebuddhism.com
Website: http://rimebuddhism.com


Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute
Address: 1584 Burwood Highway
Belgrave, VIC 3160 Australia
Phone: 0397546212
Website: http://www.rimebuddhism.com