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Please note to attend this teaching, Rinpoche request people attend his teaching the two previous evenings at the same location “in search of the real buddha dharma on non-contradiction of the teaching” and “buddhist tantra”.
Cultivating awareness and understanding of the subtle body is beneficial for tantric and yogic practitioners. The subtle energy body has different names in different religious traditions from Chinese medicine’s view of chi through the Vedic understanding of prana, nadis and marma points to Tibetan Vajrayana’s focus on winds, channels and drops. Each tradition has their own point of view on the chakras and their own skillful means to make use of their understanding.

For Vajrayana practitioners, it is in important to understand these teaching from the perspective of Tibetan buddhism and in the context of their tradition. Khentrul Rinpoché will give an introductory teaching on the chakras, winds, channels and drops going over what they are and how they relate to the teachings. Then he will go into it from the deeper more subtle meaning.


WED, August 14 — In Search of the Real Buddha Dharma 7:30pm
THURS, August 15 —Buddhist Tantra: Radically Engage with Life 7:30pm
FRI, August 16 — Subtle Body: Chakras, Winds & Drops 7:30pm
SAT, August 17 — 5 Sisters of Long Life & Prosperity and Rahula Transmission with a teaching on Dharma Protectors 10 am
SUN, August 18 – Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment for Wealth and Abundance w/ Puja and a Red Dzambhala Transmission 10-5 pm

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Date: August 16, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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