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This is a very rare and precious opportunity to receive the Vajra Vega Jenang (empowerment) at Shambhala Land. This empowerment has not been offered in this location since the 1930s.

Vajra Vega, the wrathful form of Shri Kalachakra and the King of the Wrathful Deities, is the protector aspect in Kalachakra. There are many benefits to establishing a connection with Vajra Vega. The essence of Vajravega is that he represents the non-conceptual primordial wisdom which arises when the winds enter the central channel. This is the method by which the root ignorance of conceptuality is cut. It is also the basis or the container in which the precious six vajra yogas arise. When we establish a wheel of protection with Vajra Vega, we are symbolically stopping the arising of dualistic appearances, and abiding within the non-conceptual wisdom.

It is very important and special for us to connect with this aspect of Kalachakra in our lifetime so that we may be benefited from the connection in the Bardo state after death. While we must do our best to create karmic propensities to realize our own sacred truth during this life, if we do not then in the Bardo state after death, we may be able to recognise Vajra Vega in the sea of wrathful Deities and be liberated.

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Date: August 9
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Dzokden International
Email: chloe@dzokden.org
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Hamar Monastery
Address: Mongolia