Self-arising, great bliss, primordial awareness—the true ultimate form; the inherent pure experience, possessing great manifestations; For the welfare of all pure and impure beings, I pay homage to the Bodhisattva Kalki Kings.

Due to grasping we having accumulated propensities from beginningless time, and are deceived by appearances of samsaric pleasures and wealth. Because our faith, diligence, mindfulness and concentration are weak, we are untouched by the true meaning of renunciation, bodhicitta and ultimate reality.

What would we do if we suddenly died? If we do not gain confidence in this life by meditating on the absolute space of reality, Then, when the luminous experience of death comes, we will not recognize it as a mother and child should. May we be liberated in the Sambhogakaya Realm of the Bardo! If not, then may we find assurance through the stability in our faith and commitment to the five Nirmanakaya Pure Realms.

If we wander in samsara involuntarily because of ignorant thoughts, doubts and subconscious chatter, our suffering will be endless. Therefore, right now, recall from the heart of the lineage lamas and the assembly of deities of the Kalachakra mandala, the supreme yidam. Through the enlightened blessings of all the six hundred and thirty six deities and the Kalki Kings, May they lead us on the path!

In particular, arising from the merit of the beings of this realm, the renowned Sublime Realm of Shambhala. How amazing is this supreme and especially noble tantric realm! May I be born in this source of peace and harmony!

[This realm], surrounded in all directions by the ridges of great, brilliant snow mountains, forming an indestructible barrier. On the outside, there is white snow. On the inside, there are various mountains. Their peaks are covered with snow, and the middle part is made of massive rock boulders. The slopes of the mountains are covered with forests, meadows, and lotus groves. There are jewel-like lakes that are warm, soothing and pleasant. [In this realm,] even the animals announce the Sacred Dharma. I pay homage to this amazing and inconceivable realm!

The protector of this realm, the goddess of radiant light—Marichi—with dakas and dakinis guarding all directions. External enemies cannot enter, and all the inner inhabitants are free from the darkness of the self-occurring appearance of luminosity. This tantric pure realm is divided into eight regions with snow mountains along their borders. Like a jeweled garland, they are charming and pleasant to see. Within each region are twelve kingdoms and within each kingdom, ten million cities. Together there are nine hundred and sixty million cities in all.

Every one of these cities is adorned with a great and inestimable palace that has arisen spontaneously, surrounded by billions of fine mansions. There are beautiful and pleasant forests of medicinal trees, and groves of fragrant white and red sandalwood. Their fragrance pervades everywhere, carried by the wind. Gently murmuring rivers flow in every direction while beautiful birds and wildlife gather, singing melodious dharma-songs uplifting the ears in delight. In the center of a pure and fragrant ocean, a great variety of lifeforms play in harmony.

This realm is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus. Raised high on its central pistil, shines the Dharma palace of Kalapa. To the east, there are vast, beautiful pleasure groves, while to the west, there is a lake filled with a multitude of lotus flowers. Here stands the palace of the Kalachakra mandala. It extends for four yojanas and is embraced by the elemental discs. Its blessings appear as a magnificent radiance that liberates upon mere sight. By encountering the six hundred and thirty-six deities, the eighty afflictive states instantly cease to arise. On the basis of that, gatherings of true, luminous deities, spontaneously appear and one encounters the face of one’s own self-awareness—the true essential nature.

All of the great palaces of the Kalki Kings, are made from the most excellent of gold, silver and jewels. They are filled with hundreds of thousands of marvels and adorned with thousands of pleasures. Here, everyone enjoys the Dharma of the path that does not abandon these riches. All of the Kalkis, being free from aging, continuously turn the Wheel of Dharma in this unbiased realm. And yet, in the eyes of the people of this kingdom, each Kalki appears to reside on the Vajra Throne for a span of one hundred years.

By recalling the good fortune and merit associated with great beings such as tenth level Vidyadharas, and all those who abide on the stages and paths of great enlightenment, one stabilises the armour of patience and courage.

Since all beings of this realm are naturally inclined to the path of secret mantra, there is not even a single being who is not suitable for the King of the Unsurpassed Tantras—the Kalachakra Tantra. Even ordinary beings are liberated within a single lifetime, freeing themselves from uncontrollable rebirth in cyclic existence. May we attain the good fortune to be born in this realm!

In this realm, there are no contagious diseases, nor the harms of warfare. It is free from all forms of hard labour and pollution. There are no earthquakes, floods or any other type of natural disasters. Because of the pervasive love and kindness, people are peaceful with no trace of anxiety. Concepts like war, conflict, winning or losing are not even known. There is no prejudice between low or high castes, nor between races. In fact, there is no bias of any kind. There are no rich and poor, workers or merchants. For these reasons, the realm is peaceful, allowing everyone to experience the great harmony of joy and bliss in the profound path of secret mantra.

For those who are born here, the mind is innately virtuous, filled with naturally arisen great love and compassion. They are endowed with all of the necessary conditions for traversing the stages of the path, while adverse conditions are as non-existent as a sky-flower.

There is an incredible abundance of the most delicious of foods, such as fruits and nuts that naturally grow on the plants and trees. No matter how much is desired, there is always enough for everyone, therefore there is no need to work or make effort. Nor is there need to hoard things for yourself or others. All kinds of food, drink, clothes and ornaments arise naturally.

Without any effort whatsoever, you can enjoy whatever you desire, whenever you want. There are no distinctions between expensive or cheap, good or bad. All of the resources of this vast environment arise like medicine out of the great merit and virtue of the people, therefore they are free from all forms of disease caused by imbalances in the four elements.

Even without realising the profound completion stage in this life, by maintaining the completely pure vows and commitments, May I perfect the realisation of the path of the completion stage and gain an auspicious birth in the Sublime Realm of Shambhala.

Through the good fortune of constantly associating only with Vidyadharas and Bodhisattvas as my companions every day and at all times, and through my practice of the common and uncommon paths, once my mental continuum is liberated, may I accomplish the realisation of the path of the two stages.

Through the four yogas of the three-fold quiescence, single-pointedness, self-liberation, effortlessness and so forth; the appearances of the ten signs of the six elements of both day and night; and withdrawing from the six objects, may I stabilise my mind on empty-forms.

Through insight, conceptualisation, analysis, joyful and unwavering bliss, confused appearances are taken over by the force of the empty-forms. Then through the limitless empty forms, sounds, smells, tastes, and objects of touch, may I realise the mind’s true nature—the indivisibility of luminosity and emptiness.

By gradually mixing together through tightness and laxity of the three: going, coming, and abiding; luminosity and vajra recitation; wind, mind and empty-form; and by the profound discrimination and control of all these, may the coarse winds enter, abide and dissolve into the central channel.

By the power of the great vase, wind, mind and empty-form are merged and dissolve into the six subtle essences of the six pure constituents of the six chakras. Through this yoga, may I complete the retention of the indestructible subtle essences.

By the efficacy of the pure winds, mind and subtle essences, one attains the very extensive bliss of blazing, dripping down and melting of the white and red elements. Through that, the gathering of the deities of the six vajra families is accomplished and the mandala of the buddhas and the six hundred and thirty six deities proliferate. In particular, by mastering the four inexhaustible joys through the seal of the embrace with empty-form, one experiences Mahamudra as the indivisibility of bliss and emptiness. May I enjoy this supreme unchanging delight!

Through the mundane and supramundane absorption—the seal of the wisdom of the supreme, unchanging great bliss—twenty-one thousand moments of great emptiness and bliss become boundlessly merged with the sixteen joys without effort. Through the wisdom of this supreme, unchanging great bliss, the twenty-one thousand afflictions of the impure elements are consumed, and by that, the pure subtle essences pile up from below while the pure red element of great emptiness will be realised from above. Just like the stars are instantly encompassed by the newly arisen sun, so too, the joys and bliss are realised in the sphere of the bhaga. Through the appearance of the infinite wisdom of bliss and emptiness, may I cross the path of the twelve levels and reach the thirteenth.

Externally, Kalachakra is a myriad of worlds. Internally, Kalachakra is the elements of channels, winds and subtle essences. Alternatively, Kalachakra is the mandala of mind, speech and body. May I be able to experience the manifest and complete Dharma. Vajrakaya—immeasurable and unbiased union; Rupakaya—ocean of accomplished joyful pleasures, Through their spontaneous appearance in the pure and impure realms, May I accomplish without effort only benefit and wellbeing.

Through the coming together of the absolute space of reality, the primordially pure truth and the relative phenomena in dependent relationships; by their natural state, may I accomplish all these aspirations of complete enlightenment!


This was written on the Wood Sheep Year, twelfth month, seventeenth day (January 15, 2016) by Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö in the time of the four eras that is very close to the rise of a Golden Age, with the thought that these teachings are more needed than a treasure trove of jewels. It was completed on the Australian continent, near the city of Melbourne on a day when faithful students were conducting the solitary practice of the Three Isolations. May this dharma flourish and bring benefit and joy. May it be auspicious!

Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö

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  • May 19, 2016
    Initial Translation by Joe Flumerfelt