When I am happy, it is you whom I honour and revere,
When I suffer, it is you whom I call upon for help,
You are my source of hope for this life and protection for the next—
Padmasambhava, Avalokiteśvara,
And my kind root teacher.

Although you assume these different names and forms,
In the expanse of your wisdom and in your deeds, you are no different,
So without considering you as separate, but fused together as one—
I pray to you: hold me with your compassion!

At all times and in all situations inspire me with your blessings!
Now that I have found this human existence with its freedoms and advantages,
Let me accomplish the most essential teachings!
Life, like a winter’s day, lasts but a short while,
So let me devote it to what is meaningful: the Dharma.

If I should face death all of a sudden,
Let the teachings come swiftly to my aid!
When setting out upon the long journey to the next life,
Let my provisions of Dharma be plentiful!

By planting the seed of Dharma in this life,
May I reap an abundant harvest in the next!
Wherever I am born, wheresoever is my destination,
Let my propensity for the Dharma be awakened!

Happiness or suffering, good or bad—no matter what occurs,
May I always place my trust in the Dharma!
Since it is the infallible entry to the Dharma,
Let the roots of my faith be strong!

Since it is the definite foundation of the Dharma,
Let my training in nonviolence be secure!
Since it is the vital axis of the Dharma,
May I follow the way that accords with how things truly are!

Since it is the pure quintessence of the Dharma,
Let me master bodhicitta in both its aspects!
Since the six-syllable mantra is the sovereign of practices,
May I recite it and meditate unwaveringly!

May I accomplish the Dharma authentically and without obstacle,
And find favourable conditions in abundance, just as I desire!
Taking the teachers and the deities as my witness,
May these, my prayers of aspiration towards the Dharma,
Take seed in fertile ground, and without ever failing,
May they be accomplished and never go to waste!

Written by Tenpé Nyima for the devoted Drala Pendar. Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2008. Revised 2012 & 2016.

Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpe Nyima

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    This text is a reproduction of the work originally published on the Lotsawa House website. It is presented here in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.