Natural great purity, dharmadhatu of infinite space,
Unfabricated, primordial Buddha of Great Emptiness,
Encompassing the inseparability of samsara and nirvana,
To the Lama of the Dharmakaya, I bow down.

With supreme arya perception of the immutability
Of the innumerable appearances of empty-form,
The unceasing display of Enlightened Activities;
To the Lama of the Sambhogakaya, I bow down

Fruition of oceans of merit formed over countless aeons,
Emanating according to the capacity of sentient beings,
The Buddha of this world, Shakyamuni;
To the Lama of the Nirmanakaya, I bow to you.

Out of great love and compassion you never abandon us,
Appearing with boundless skill according to our limitations.
You act and appear in myriad ways for the sake of beings.
I pay homage to the compassionate Lama.

You are the second Dharma King of Shambhala,
Lawang—the heart son of Padmasambhava;
You are the great scholar Chandragomin of Nalanda;
You are the yogini princess Palmo of Sangala;
To you I pay homage.

For many lifetimes, you were an ascetic, a sage, a great Vinaya holder,
Dwelling  in the deep forests and mountain caves of
Burma, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China and Nepal.
Heir of Dharma, I pay homage to you.

In the Land of Snow, you were the great Rigzins Sharké and Tangtung,
In the East and West inspiring a variety of manifestations;
Dharma warrior in white robes, captain, merchant, poet, singer and saint,
To you who display the expanse of timeless appearance I pay homage.

Appearing as Yogis, Scholars and Rime Dharmaholders
On the Eastern Borders of Tibet,
You were the great Tantric Yogi Ngawang Chözin Jigmé Jangchub.
To you, fearless Bodhisattva Akashagarbha, I pay homage.

In this degenerate age we are difficult to tame,
Weak in faith and diligence, with meagre merit and afflicted with gross ignorance,
Yet your fearless compassion never rejects us.
We who are so fortunate, pay homage.

Rare and precious indeed, are those who possess a little merit in these degenerate times.
You are the embodiment of the three jewels of Refuge.
May your beneficial activities increase like the summer rain.
Always unsurpassable, please live a long and healthy life.

Fully enlightened for countless aeons,
Out of incomparable love and compassion
You magically continue to manifest for countless beings.
Please live a long and healthy life.

How unfortunate we are to be in these degenerate times,
With external distractions feeding our greed and selfishness.
Bereft of mindfulness and terrified of death
We are consumed with self-cherishing and ego.

With a lack of wisdom, faith and our broken vows,
Heavy obscurations, weak renunciation and fragile compassion
We are barely tameable, yet your compassion never wavers.
We sincerely confess all our downfalls.

From now onward I will cultivate indestructible faith and commitments;
I will cherish this precious opportunity to cultivate merit.
I will always please my lama, embodiment of all Arya beings.

You are the dharma holder of the pith instructions of the supreme Kalachakra
Tantra, from all the great Indian and Tibetan Mahasiddhas.
You are the treasure of the incomparable golden age of Dharma.
Please remain healthy and live long in this world.

You possess the divine lineage of the essence of Dharma from Shambhala.
May you remain, inseparably performing enlightened activities external, internal and hidden.
Please remain for aeons.

In the boundless dharmadhatu, you dwell in supreme bliss with your empty form,
Innate, pure and secret consorts,
Yet you never abandon your great love
And connection with beings in these degenerate times.

Only source of our merit and devotion, please remain,
May your three sublime activities flourish like the blossom in spring.
May your inconceivable wishes be fulfilled without obstruction.

You are the embodiment of innumerable Yidams,
Guardian of a multitude of Dakinis;
Out of our faith and devotion, may you remain enthroned.
May you dwell forever.

Externally you are the teacher of the extensive and profound Dharma;
Internally you are the treasure holder of all the Mahasiddhas’ pith instructions;
Subtly, you are the supreme Dharma king of Shambhala;
Khentrul Rinpoche, may you live a healthy and long life.

By the power, truth and reality of interdependent arising;
By the two wings of pure merit by the enlightened beings of the ten directions
And by the power of our sincerity and devotion,
May all your supreme wishes be fulfilled.

Limitless power and vitality of Buddha Amitayus, Ushnishavijaya,
White Tara, Norgenma, Marichi, and all the deathless Rigzins, Sages and
Dharma Protectors; may we all have bliss, long and healthy life, wealth and true Dharma;
May the merit of our pure faith and devotion fulfill your Bodhisattva wishes without obstacles.

May you live a great Vajra Yungdrung long and healthy life.
How fortunate!  Soon you will manifest as the warrior Rigden of Shambhala.
You will transform the whole world into the Golden Age of Dharma.
May we accumulate sufficient merit to remain your close disciples
And may we rescue all beings from Samsara.

By the power of the truth of interdependent arising;
By the power of the Enlightened beings of past, present and future;
By the power of our pure faith and sincere motivation;
May we spontaneously attain our aspirations, free of obscuration;
The ever present, natural embodiment of the Lama’s Enlightened mind.

This supplication prayer for Khentrul Rinpoche by Khenpo Karma Chokdrup from Yitho at H. H The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa’s holy house, based on many signs and omens.

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