Jetsun Taranatha appears in front of you in the form of blue Vajradhara surrounded by the entire field of merit. Looking in your direction, his gaze is filled with great love.


The Anchor for Collecting Siddhis guru yoga.

I fervently pay homage to the glorious lama. All phenomena are only appearances within the mind. One’s own mind is of an empty and clear nature, beyond words. Whatever various appearances are, they are never separable from the ever present moment to moment self-awareness.

My mind in its natural state is the pure realm of Akanishta. In the centre of this pure realm is a radiant palace, and in it my glorious root lama is seated upon a lotus, sun disc and moon disc which rest upon a lion throne.

(For the sake of consistency, rahu and kalagni discs can also be visualised here.)

My glorious lama is radiant like a golden mountain reflecting a hundred-thousand rays of sunlight. He is pleased and smiles at me.

Above my lama the lineage masters miraculously appear, surrounded by herukas such as Vajravarahi and clouds of yidams. Buddhas and bodhisattvas from the ten directions appear in the space before me and glorious arhat emanations occupy the ground. They are surrounded by dakinis and all-seeing Dharma protectors with their retinues, poised to obey the lama’s every instruction.

The entire assembly is in vibrant motion like lightning and storm-clouds, filling all of space and the surrounding lands.

All these beings have radiant bodies; to various sentient beings who need to be tamed, their appearances vary accordingly; they ceaselessly expound the Mahayana teachings and their minds abide in the clear-light of great bliss as they perform oceans of virtuous activities.

All of this is but a meaningful manifestation of the glorious lama, just as all appearances of samsara and nirvana are but a miraculous display of the lama’s primordial wisdom.

Supplicating the Lama

I offer my body, my possessions, all the virtue of the three times and every conceivable object of offering from all the pure-lands of the ten directions. I offer everything my mind can conceive with pure aspiration: All beings of the six realms including adversaries, friends and relatives, extending to the farthest reaches of space, together with every pleasing object of offering in all of the three realms. Through the power of my visualisation and prayer, I manifest all of these countless, inconceivable and magnificent objects of offering.

All these offering treasures manifest from the primordial awareness of the Buddhas, bodhisattvas and dakinis who appear in the three times and ten directions. All these innumerable and inconceivable manifestations are none other than the glorious display of the lama’s mind, inseparable from my own mind, the unborn display of dharmakaya.

Precious lama, you embody all the Buddhas.
Precious lama, you embody all the Dharma.
Precious lama, you embody all the Sangha.

Supreme Dharma King, you embody all the lamas. You embody all the yidams while all the dakinis and Dharma protectors manifest as your retinues. I pray to you Vajradhara, Please bless me and all those who have faith in you!

Glorious lama, you are Vajradhara in the pure realm of the enjoyment body. You are the wrathful Heruka when subduing all evils. You are Shakyamuni to beings with pure renunciation. You are the great sage to the ascetics.

To those who follow the path of the three vehicles, you manifest as the Bodhisattva, the Pratyeka and the great Shravaka. You also appear in the form of Brahma, Vishnu, Lord Shiva and all other sages and saints.

Sometimes you appear in the position of a king, at other times you appear as a yogi or ascetic. To others you appear as a pure monk with simple robes. I pray to you, performer of great, vast deeds according to the needs of each being. Just as the thoughts and aspirations of all beings are inconceivable, so too is the vastness and depth of your teachings.

Just as rainbows and clouds appear in the sky, arising, abiding and then vanishing back into the sky. You are the dharmakaya body of the reality of enlightenment free from all extremes, performing great deeds spontaneously and without effort. Even though you act in a way that meets the needs of all beings, you abide in a state of clear, self-aware, and non-dual expanse of dharmadhatu.

You are beyond birth and death, coming and going, near and far. I pray to you, pristine body of the reality of enlightenment. I pay homage from the depths of my heart with unceasing devotion!

I take refuge in you, embodiment of all sources of refuge.
I offer countless virtuous objects while being aware of their empty nature.
I confess and purify all my negativities even though their nature is empty from the beginning.

I rejoice in the virtue of all beings in samsara and nirvana.
May the empty sound of your teachings never cease.

The dharmakaya body of the reality of enlightenment is beyond birth and death.
May you ceaselessly turn the wheel of precious Dharma.
May you remain forever for the sake of all beings.

I dedicate all my virtue so my mind may become inseparable from yours, O holy lama.
May all beings attain supreme enlightenment!

Glorious Drolway Gonpo, rescuer of all beings, please bless me with your body, speech and mind. Bestow upon me the four empowerments at this very instant!

Receiving the Four Empowerments

May my body transform into innate bliss.
May my speech transform with the power of mantra.
May my heart transform into clear-light wisdom!
Perfect lama, I pray to you to bless me at this very instant.

Rays of light stream forth from the lama’s forehead, throat, heart, and navel, and then dissolve into my own four chakras. Bestowing upon me the four empowerments of body, speech, mind and primordial vajra wisdom!

May I receive the vase empowerment.
May I receive the secret empowerment.
May I receive the union of great bliss and wisdom empowerment.
May I receive the sacred fourth empowerment of the great seal beyond conception!

Great Dharma King, I rely on no-one else but you. You are my only true refuge. Just like water poured into water, May I dissolve into inseparable union with you!

May the lama melt into the essence of nectar and fill my four chakras, bestowing empowerment upon me.

(Meditate on the natural lama, the great dharmakaya body of the reality of enlightenment inseparable from one’s own mind, and remain in this natural state beyond all concepts.)


In all my future lives may I be born into an excellent family, with a clear mind, lack of of pride, great compassion and faith in the Lama. May I abide in my commitments to the Glorious Lama.

May I not give rise, even for an instant, to wrong views about the glorious Lama’s liberating appearances. With a devotion that sees everything he does as excellent, may the blessings of the Lama enter my mind.

In future lives may I never be separated from my glorious lama. May I never be separated from the joy of practicing the precious Dharma. May I accomplish all the enlightened bhumi levels and paths and quickly attain the state of Vajradhara.

This is the perfect Guru Yoga enabling you to reach Buddhahood in one lifetime. Have no doubt. Composed by Jetsun Taranatha, aged 29