Outer Preliminaries & Lineage Invocation

I. Four Convictions of Renunciation

O Think! During countless aeons, for this one time I have attained this precious human birth, which is so very hard to achieve and so easy to lose. The time of death is uncertain and the conditions leading to death are beyond my comprehension, this cherished body can die even today! And so I shall abandon all worldly concerns that keep me chained to samsara, including all non-virtues and heavy heinous crimes. Instead I shall use the little time I have left wisely and practise Dharma with urgency, reflecting on the benefits of liberation.

(Begin by closing the left nostril using the Pacifying Mudra and exhale three times through the right nostril, then change to the other nostril. Finish by exhaling three times through both nostrils. Visualise all afflictions and negativity leaving your body in the form of black smoke.)

II. Brief Invocation of the Jonang Tradition of Kalachakra

(i) Visualisation

Visualise your root lama, seated upon a lotus flower at your heart centre, rising up through your central channel to the crown of your head. The lama appears luminous.

(ii) Invocation

Glorious and precious root lama, having taken your seat upon the lotus of devotion at the crown of my head, bless me with your great compassion, take care of me with your great kindness, and grant me the siddhis of your body, speech and mind!

I pray to you Dolpopa. You are the omniscient Lord of Dharma, who perfectly understands the three turnings of the wheel of Dharma and the four classes of tantra.
Please show the unmistaken path to all beings!

I pray to you Kazhipa. Embodiment of all the Buddhas’ activities, you make the precious jewel of the Dharma shine like the sun by displaying the four sublime powers.  

I pray to you Rinchen Drakpa. You are adorned by Dharma teachings and profound realisations and your activities are vast and incomparable, whoever sees or hears you will surely be liberated!

I pray to you Gyalwa Sangye. Ordained in the Dharma, Your devotion towards your masters is supreme and your actions are a glorious display of purity, discipline, wisdom and compassion.  

I pray at your feet Kunga Nyingpo. You are the source of all that is good, the embodiment of all Buddhas and the sole refuge for all beings, a protector from samsara and nirvana.

I pray to you Chalongwa. Wish-fulfilling tree of the Dharma. Your speech blossoms like flowers and new followers delight in your teachings like bees to pollen.

I pray to you Gawi Chöpel. Your mastery of speech is limitless and your appearance is perfect. You are the source of all supreme qualities as your moral conduct is sublime and your knowledge is unsurpassed like a great treasure.

I pray to you Trinley Namgyal. Your wisdom shines like Manjushri, embodying the wisdom of countless Buddhas. You are a treasure of compassion, the power of all the enlightened ones.  

I now pray to all of my precious teachers who have bestowed upon me transmissions, empowerments and teachings, whoever even remembers you will be released from suffering, and whoever has devotion will surely reach enlightenment.

(Visualise your root lama melting into light and blessing your mindstream.)

III. Full Invocation of the Jonang-Shambhala Lineage

(i) Visualisation

In the space immediately in front of you, in the centre of a five-coloured display of rainbow light and on top of a five-layered seat made from a lotus and moon, sun, Rahu and Kalagni discs, visualise your root lama in the form of blue Vajradhara seated upon a throne.

Your root lama appears as Vajradhara, his body is blue in colour, with one face and two arms, holding a vajra and bell crossed at the level of his heart. He is seated with his legs in the full lotus posture, dressed in silk garments, adorned by precious ornaments such as a crown, earrings, necklaces, armlets, bracelets and anklets, and possessing all the marks and signs of a Buddha.

He is surrounded by all the lineage masters of the Six Vajra Yogas, including the immaculate Primordial Buddha, the enjoyment body Kalachakra, the emanation body Shakyamuni, the thirty-five Dharma Kings of Shambhala, and all the Indian and Tibetan lineage masters. Their bodies appear radiant, splendid and pleasing.

(ii) Invocation

I pay homage and pray to my root lama. I pray to the root and lineage lamas.
I pray to the wish-fulfilling lineage.

Please bless me so the lineage transmission will enter within me.
May all these blessings enter my heart!
Please bless me so the darkness in my heart be cleared away!

I pray to the lama.
I pray to the lord of Dharma.
May all the spiritual fathers and their heart-sons bless me!

I pray to the Tathagatagarbha, the essence of the primordial ground.
I pray to the profound Kalachakra vajra path.
I pray to the unveiled dharmakaya body of the reality of enlightenment, the result of the exhaustion of samsara.

I pray to the sublime primordial Buddha.
I pray to the dharmakaya body of the reality of enlightenment Vajradhara.
I pray to the sambhogakaya enjoyment body Kalachakra.

I pray to the nirmanakaya emanation body, Buddha Shakyamuni.
I pray to the thirty-five Dharma Kings of Shambhala.

I pray to the Drupchen Dushapa Chenpo.
I pray to the Drupchen Dushapa Nyipa.
I pray to Gyaltse Nalendrapa.

I pray to Panchen Dawa Gonpo.
I pray to the great translator Droton Lotsawa.
I pray to Lama Lhaje Gompa.

I pray to Lama Droton Namseg.
I pray to the Lama Drupchen Yumo.
I pray to Seachok Dharmeshvara.

I pray to Khipa Namkha Öser.
I pray to Machig Tulku Jobum.
I pray to Lama Drubtop Sechen.

I pray to the Chöje Jamyang Sarma.
I pray to Kunkyen Chöku Öser.
I pray to Kunpang Thukje Tsondru.

I pray to Jangsem Gyalwa Yeshe.
I pray to Khetsun Yonten Gyatso.
I pray to Kunkyen Dolpopa, emanation of the Buddhas of the three times.

I pray to the Chogyal Choklé Namgyal.
I pray to Tsungmed Nyabon Kunga.
I pray to Drupchen Kunga Lodrö.

I pray to Jamyang Konchog Zangpo.
I pray to Drenchog Namkha Tsenchan.
I pray to the Panchen Namkha Palzang.

I pray to Lochen Ratnabhadra.
I pray to Palden Kunga Drolchok.

I pray to Kenchen Lungrig Gyatso.
I pray to Kyabdak Drolway Gonpo.
I pray to Ngonjang Rinchen Gyatso.  

I pray to Khidrup Lodrö Namgyal.
I pray to Drupchen Ngawang Trinlé.

I pray to Ngawang Tenzin Namgyal.
I pray to Ngawang Khetsun Dargyé.
I pray to Kunzang Trinlé Namgyal.

I pray to Nuden Lhundrub Gyatso.
I pray to Konchog Jigmé Namgyal.

I pray to Ngawang Chöpel Gyatso.
I pray to Ngawang Chökyi Pakpa.
I pray to Ngawang Chöjor Gyatso.

I pray to Ngawang Chözin Gyatso.
I pray to Ngawang Tenpa Rabgyé.

I pray to the dispeller of darkness, the precious Lama Lobsang Trinley.
I pray to the Dharma warrior Khentrul Jamphal Lodrö.
I pray to my primary root lama.

I pray to my glorious lama.
I pray to all the Dharma lords.
May all the spiritual fathers and their heart-sons bless me!  

Whoever honours and has life-long devotion to the precious lama,
Constantly makes supplication and pays homage to the lama in this life.
May I be blessed with the primordial wisdom of the compassionate warrior.

In all my future lives may I never be separated from my glorious lama.
May I have great joy in my practice of the precious Dharma.
May I accomplish all enlightened paths and swiftly attain the state of Vajradhara!

(Be resolute that the lamas of the holy lineage melt into light and bless your mindstream.)