The primary texts currently used as the basis for studying the Kalachakra Tantra are the abridged Shri Kalachakra written by Kalki Manjushri Yashas and its commentary The Stainless Light by Kalki Pundarika. Both texts consist of five chapters, detailing three levels of reality: the Outer, the Inner, and the Enlightened Other. In keeping with this traditional structure, this repository has been organised into the following sections:

The External Reality of the Worldly Realm

In this first section you will find material presenting the nature of the three realms of cyclic existence and the ways in which this world realm evolves over time. This includes the history and importance of Shambhala which is considered the source of the Kalachakra teachings. By understanding these topics, you can learn to harness the power of karma in your life.

The Internal Reality of Human Beings

The material in this section presents the nature of the human body and how it can be used as a powerful support for spiritual practice. This includes understanding how the body evolves over time and how to avoid death in order to take full advantage of this precious human rebirth.

The Empowerments that Ripen the Mind

Kalachakra empowerments act as the cause for ripening the mind and actualising the Kalachakra Path. This section contains material on how to prepare for and receive these empowerments, enabling greater confidence and understanding to maximise the blessings of Kalachakra in your mind.

The Methods for Practicing Kalachakra

Within this section you will find material presenting the two stages of the Kalachakra Path. Through familiarisation with the Generation Stage, the mind can be purified to bring you closer to your ultimate nature. Then, through the Completion Stage, working with the subtle body enables the attainment of enlightenment within a single lifetime.

The Immutable Wisdom of Kalachakra

This final section offers material that explores the unique and profound view presented within the Kalachakra Tantra. Unlike other systems of Highest Yoga Tantra, the Kalachakra uses significant detail to examine the ultimate nature of reality and how it can be realised through the Mahamudra which unifies Immutable Bliss and Empty-Form.


This repository includes materials at various stages of development. Due to the massive amount of texts that need to be translated, we have decided to include draft translations and unedited works. It is our hope that this will inspire members of our community to get involved to help us refine the material and thereby preserve the rich wisdom of this tradition. If you would like to volunteer your time, please take a few moments to fill out our volunteer form.


Restricted Materials

In accordance with tradition, some materials in this repository are restricted to practitioners who have received the necessary level of empowerment. If you attempt to access a restricted text, you will be prompted to login with a username and password. If you do not already have a username and password, you will need to fill out a short form to request a user.


Find detailed commentaries on the complete Kalachakra Path in Khentrul Rinpoché's three-volume set "Unveiling your Sacred Truth".