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All my dear human brothers and sisters, I love you all. We all love each other. Today is the love day. Remember, we have to distinguish true love and false love. False love is pretending love. Pretending love means, desire, attachment, possessiveness, and selfishness. Pretending it appears as love. But yeah, it is not true love because we know what consequences will be. So that means the result is not the same. The appearance also is not the same, of true love and false love. But, more importantly, the result is absolutely not the same. The false love is selfish and possessiveness, underlying, and then outside you see as an object or person.

You may see them as very precious and appreciate them. And you may see them as very attractive, and it seems like you cherish it so much, but it is not true. How do you know is not true? Because it’s biased. You do not love everybody. It’s not attracted to everybody. You don’t see everybody as pleasant, very, very biased. So that means it is not a manifestation of true love. It is false love.

If it really is true love, then it is not biased and you love all sentient beings. That means, all sentient beings you see as very attractive and pleasant, and you enjoy it so much with anybody. So I’m not saying everybody has to have 100% true love. But at least we have to recognize and we have to distinguish why.

Because if we did that, then every day we improve, we can improve every day. The false love, some percentage you can turn or transform into true love. So whenever we have higher degrees of true love, we have high degrees of happiness. And also we have always causes and conditions for future happiness. So, therefore, today is also a very special day because it’s the day Jetsun Taranatha passed into nirvana.

So this is an incredible beautiful day. Why?

Because Jetsun Taranatha, he has true love. Even we can see very small examples. He did everything all the Vajrayana commentaries and organizing all this incredible preciousness of the Vajrayana he did for every tradition, not only just Jonang tradition. So that means, he has a true love for everybody. So today, if we can start true love and practice, then we will be successful our whole life with true love.

Enjoyness, enjoyable happiness, and future merits. So please everybody try to remember today is Jetsun Taranatha day today. Okay. So please remember that. And you tonight, you sleep with this, remember? So the whole night, your sleep and dreams turns and transform into great merits. And you will enjoy the greatest consequence of true love. Thank you so much. Your attention, my dear brothers and sisters of everybody. I will catch up next time. Please live with true love.

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