Teachings in Budapest, Hungary

September 4, 2017

From August 25 to September 03, Rinpoché was in Hungary to give teachings and empowerments to his students there. After leading a short retreat on Vajrasattva Purification, Rinpoché gave a series of teachings which included empowerments for the wrathful form of Vajrasattva, Dorjé Namjom; the protecting form of Vajrapani and the King of the Wrathful Ones, Vajravega.

Higher Empowerments in Boulder, Colorado

August 22, 2017

From August 17 – 21, Rinpoché bestowed the Higher Empowerments of the Kalachakra completion stage to a small group of dedicated practitioners. He then gave them instructions on the unique …

Teachings in Sun Valley, Idaho

August 7, 2017

From the 1st to the 6th of August, Rinpoché was in Sun Valley, Idaho to give teachings on how to develop the Rimé Philosophy. During his visit, he had many …

Kalachakra Empowerment in Puerto Rico

July 10, 2017

From June 27 to July 9, Rinpoché was in San Juan, Puerto Rico to bestow the Kalachakra Empowerments and guide students in a week-long practice retreat. This was the first …

Kalachakra Empowerment in Toronto, Canada

June 26, 2017

From June 14 to 25, Rinpoché made his first visit to Canada, where he gave a Kalachakra Empowerment and guided students in the preliminary practices of the Vajra Yoga Path.

Kalachakra Statue Exhibition in Hong Kong

April 20, 2017

After more than two years of extraordinary effort, Khentrul Rinpoché completed the production of a very special Kalachakra Statue. This incredibly blessed object is filled with a large number of …

Kalachakra Empowerment in Singapore

February 23, 2017

Rinpoché visited Singapore for the first time in 2017. After a week of preliminary teachings introducing the concepts of Shambhala and Kalachakra, he gave the Kalachakra Empowerment followed by instructions …