The Worldly Realm

The Relationship between Kalachakra, Shambhala and Rimé

Rinpoché discusses the nature of the Bodhisattva Realm of Shambhala and how it is unique from Buddha Realms such as Amitabha's Pure Land of Sukhavati. He follows this with an explanation of the relationship between Shambhala and the concept of non-bias, as understood in the Rimé Philosophy.

The Karmic Law of Cause and Effect

Rinpoché explores the essential principles behind karma and how they can be used as a basis for engaging in skilful actions to bring benefit to oneself and others.

The Suffering Nature of Cyclic Existence

Rinpoché discusses how to use contemplation on suffering as a powerful method to cultivate renunciation and to drive one's practice towards virtue.

The Individual

The Preciousness of this Human Rebirth

Rinpoché looks at the vast potential presented by the unique characteristics of a human rebirth and how such potential can be utilised on the spiritual path.

Facing the Impermanence of Life

Rinpoché discusses the many obstacles that arise from failing to contemplate the nature of impermanence and the inevitability of our own death.


Relying on a Spiritual Guide

In this two-part series, Rinpoché discusses the importance of relying on authentic lineage masters and how to practice devotion towards them.

Clearing Away Misconceptions about Kalachakra

In this two-part teaching, Rinpoché addresses the many common misconceptions preventing students from fully engaging with the Kalachakra Teachings. He also provides his own personal approach for how to work skilfully with the extraordinary wisdom presented in this system.

The Methods of Practice

Overview of the Common Preliminary Practices

Rinpoché presents a general overview of the traditional preliminaries and how they work to prepare your mind for experiencing your most sacred truth.

Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels

In this three-part series, Rinpoché presents the outer, inner and secret objects of refuge which act as supports for a Dharma practitioner at different stages of the spiritual path.

Generating the Mind of Enlightenment

In this five-part series, Rinpoché provides a detailed explanation of Bodhicitta, including how it is generated and how to distinguish Relative Bodhicitta from Ultimate Bodhicitta. He then concludes with a summary of the key trainings to engage in once this mind has been generated.

Purifying the Two Obscurations

Rinpoché discusses how purification is necessary for the removal of obscurations, and how meditation on Vajrasattva is a particular strong method for clearing negativities.

A Skilful Method for Accumulating Merit

Rinpoché discusses the importance of accumulating merit and how the mandala offering is an especially skilful method for generating momentum for your practice.

The Profound Practice of Guru Yoga

Rinpoché introduces how to develop pure perception in relationship to the Conventional Guru in order to strengthen one's connection to the Ultimate Guru.