From now until May 2, 2020, our global sangha will take part in a co-ordinated mantra accumulation practice and offering to help us realize the sublime teachings handed down through the Kalki Kings. It is an important year for the Dzokden International practice community as we unify as one vajra family to create the conditions for the Kalachakra Dharma to flourish. 

We have the great fortune in this year of the Iron Mouse for the potential creation of two new Dzokden Kalachakra centers, one in Europe and one in Australia. In order to accumulate as much merit as possible to create the most auspicious conditions for these centers to fully manifest, we would like to offer two mantra accumulations, that of Shri Kalachakra and that of Dzambhala. 

Kalachakra Mantra 


Dzambhala Mantra


We will offer the mantra accumulations on the Full-Moon of Nagpa Dawa, the most auspicious days of the year when Shakyamuni Budha in the form of Shri Kalachakra appeared to the Boddhisattva Kings of Shambhala and turned the wheel of Dharma teaching the Kalachakra Tantra for the first time. During this time, the power of the offerings are multiplied a million times over.

These mantras will be offered for the benefit of all sentient beings by Khentrul Rinpoche on behalf of the community at the Consecration ceremony in Australia on the site of our future Land of Shambhala Retreat Center. The land will be blessed by Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö Rinpoche and HE Rigzin Chenpo over the course of 4 days. In order for our community to create a karmic connection with this special occasion, we aspire to offer as many mantras as possible from as many countries as possible. May our sangha be successful in this great aspiration!

Suggested Practices

For everyone:

Praises to the Great King Vaishravana with Retinue
By Jetsun Taranatha
Verses of praise to the King of the Yakshas, Dzambhala, and his retinue emphasising abundance in worldly and spiritual wealth.

Practice for Connecting with the Sublime Realm of Shambhala
By Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö
An introductory practice suitable for training in the essence of Kalachakra—the heart of ultimate love and compassion; while also strengthening your karmic connection to the Sublime Realm of Shambhala.

For students who have received the Kalachakra initiation:

Enlightening the Heart

A complete daily practice with extended visualisations written for the benefit of Western students. This text can be used as an alternative to practicing the Divine Ladder.

The Divine Ladder

The traditional practice manual which has been used for hundreds of years to cultivate the common and uncommon preliminaries of the profound Vajra Yoga Path.

Note: These practices can be found in the Profound Path of Vajra Yoga sadhana.

Counting Mantras

For each mala of 108 that you complete, count 100 mantras. There are 8 extra beads in a mala to accommodate for our human error in practicing. For multiplying days, the number of malas you count remains the same as the number you practiced. The multiplying increases the potency in the mind but does not change the overall number accumulated.

Submitting Mantras

You can choose to submit your mantras as they are accumulated or upon completion of your 3 month long practice. We ask that you enter all of your mantras into the form before May 2nd, 2020.

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