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This transcript of Khentrul Rinpoche’s message has been lightly edited for easier reading.

We have to understand that death is an aspect of our life. There is no such thing as life without death. Ordinary people only understand the obvious level of death which means we only think there is one type of death-finishing life.

But if we understand this at a deeper level, we actually experience dying every moment. But dying is not an accurate word for this, it’s not really dying, it’s transforming.

So the whole of this life is part of the transformation, and death is considered the big transformation. This transformation is of absolute importance and of greatest opportunity. If we understand this we have no fear of death.

Death is not the problem, the problem is the fear of death and the attachment, not letting go of this so-called life. We cant accept this transformation, this is the problem.

We have to consider this: death is an incredible opportunity to forcefully transform ourselves to detach from strong attachments and let this transformation happen. Happily accepting and allowing this transformation is really important.

Usually, people try and make death comforting, “oh don’t worry Buddha or someone will help you”. Or some people put money in the dying person’s mouth so they have money to spend on their journey. These things are for a little comfort. The best comfort is understanding reality, in that this transformation is not bad at all, its a really good transformation, its a fact of nature, a part of living, a part of life, it’s not something separate.

Every moment we die, but every moment we don’t understand because our mind is so gross, it’s at a coarse level and we are attached to gross things. We need meditation/ mind training for this. Every night we sleep, that means we have a small death. This is included in the Bardos, but to understand this we need to train and habituate, be mindful, vigilant, and conscientious of this.

Then if we understand, this so-called death is even better, because it’s a big dissolving and an opportunity to connect with our ultimate/buddha nature.

Try and be happy about waiting for your buddha nature. The best achievement is connecting with fully enlightened Buddhahood. Or you are journeying to rebirth in a Buddha Pureland, or at least you will be in Shambala Pureland. Why? Because if you train yourself in accepting the natural fact that death is accurate with universal transformation, it leads to Shambala pure realm.

When you are in Shambala pure realm, you will see how silly and destructive we are. At that time you have the inspiration to manifest and return to help the world because at that time you have a better ability, you are not only one, you are living in Shambala but you manifest many other forms to come here and help. That means if you practice you will have a better transformation, you will come back to earth and help ignorant silly people understand this natural transformation.

Don’t be small-minded and think “I’m losing my life, I don’t know where I’m heading to”, just let go and remember its a natural transformation, you will be a liberator and better because of you will have this big transformation before others.

You don’t need to call the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas they are with you anyway, because if they have an omniscient mind and unconditional love and compassion, whatever you need they are with you anyway. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, they will forgive anyway. The best thing is to live in a peaceful concentrative mind, be happy and accepting.

Please understand this. Please understand this.

I always pray for you and I will see you in Shambala, and definitely I can guide you, no problem!.

© Copyright 2017 Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö