Your Mind Creates Your World: Audio Teaching

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This transcript of Khentrul Rinpoche’s audio teaching has been lightly edited for easier reading.

Hello everyone.

The most important message is, the universe, our mind made it. Our mind is the creator. The whole universe, all the mind made it. That means, there is some part we made together. So that part we see very similar together. But never be exactly the same. Why? Because an individual’s version of the world is an individual’s experience. Yes, there are similar things we can experience. But everybody has a different version. Why? Because everybody has mind, so the mind created this different version.

So we communicate at the similarities. We just say “oh this looks like this”, “this is yes, looks like this. Good, bad, ok, yes”. Some people agree, some people not agree, have different opinions. Because why? Because our mind made a different version from a different individual.

That’s why. But there is some similarity. Never be exactly the same, but very similar. So we have to understand this. If we understand this, then we are the creator. Not the God, not the Buddha. Nobody.

Ourselves. So that means we have control, we can choose. Ok. So that means, we control means, doesn’t mean we can control our next minute of the whole universe version. That’s not possible. Why? Because of our long time and everybody’s habit together. Sharing together. But we start it, having our freedom.

Real freedom, not this political freedom, or anything these fake freedoms. Not we talking about this. Not temporary freedom. Not these false freedoms. But we start real freedom whenever we understand that the whole universe is made from our mind. So that means whenever you understand this, and that day you start. You want to have a good or bad day is our choice. You want a good week, or a bad week is our choice. You want to be good, and happy, or not, it is your choice. You want a bad month or a good month. You want to have a good year or a bad year. You want to have a good life or a bad life, all is our choice. Our own choice. When you understand the mind made from our mind, the universe is made from our mind, then we have this choice. Until then we have no choice. So understand this, please.

In that case, the coronavirus, also made from our mind ok. I mean, not saying directly mind made this virus (Rinpoche laughs). But this effecting and not effecting, everything is, most of them is our individual mind made up. There are some similarities, something we share, similar things, but most…our focus. Our, wherever our focus, however our focus. How difficult, how easy, everything, made from our own mind. So be aware of that. So then you have some freedom. You have freedom of difficult, or easy, or much better, or great opportunity to have these circumstances. It is all our choices. Ok.

So the death conditions are usually a lot, millions. Always there, but we’re not aware of this. We don’t have a habit and focus on this. So coronavirus, yes it is a deadly condition, but is so small compared to the rest of all the death conditions, individually. There is very small tiny. So why do we take it as such a big deal? Because of our focus shifts on that. So please be aware of that and don’t worry.

The second most important is to be a warrior. Being a warrior doesn’t mean you have to fight physically. The true warrior is in the mind. And also you don’t have to be tough and strong and aggressive. The true warrior is understood as incredible love and compassion united together. This is the true warrior.

But when I say this please don’t misunderstand. The love is something you have no freedom. You fall in love so you have no freedom. It’s not like that. And compassion is not you are so sad because you are so sensitive and you have compassion, so sad for other people’s suffering. It’s not that. Please don’t misunderstand this ok. Think of the opposite.

The love is you love it. This means you enjoy, you enjoy everything. There’s nothing you do not enjoy. There is nothing you do not love. So that is true love. Can we do that? Yes, absolutely we can do that. Why can we do that? Because our true nature is like that. But we just have temporarily bad habitual patterns. So we just need to overcome this. This temporary dirtiness, that’s all. So it’s much easier to be with the true nature. So that’s why you don’t have anything you don’t love. And compassion means you have no fear for anything. So this union together.

So that means you’re not scared of coronavirus. You can enjoy these circumstances. Ok.

Because these circumstances change everything. Transformation. So this transformation is a great opportunity you can take or medium (opportunity), or you make the worst, it is up to you. Why?

Because everything is made from our mind. So that’s why very important to understand the warrior means no fear. No fear means not scared of anything, to do anything, and to be anything, to die. Not scared to die? Why? Because this is a natural transformation too. This is part of life. So you are not scared of anything. And you love to do everything, you enjoy to do

Everything. This is actually the most ultimate feminine and masculine union ok. So this is within everybody. You are not relying on external feminine if you are masculine. Ok. If you are female you’re not relying on external male quality. You already have within yourself. So please try to understand this. That doesn’t mean you have to be a monk or nun. It doesn’t mean you have to be celibate. Its meaning is you’re not relying 100% the external, you know, nurturing or the feminine natural nurturing. You are not relying on the protection, masculine nature. Because you already know within yourself. So this is, you can say, the union of love and compassion, or union of masculine and feminine. Or you can say this is warrior nature. So this is a hero and heroine. It’s within ourselves. So try to understand this.

So then we are not going to be affected by Corona virus. It is very, very small. If we are not affected by millions of conditions of death, why are we so affected by coronavirus only? So… we are not. Ok. Try to understand this, please.

So that doesn’t mean we are not going to be careful. Of course, you should be careful. Why you’re careful? Because that is only one condition. You are not transmitting the disease for yourself. You are not transmitting to others. Why? Because those people who not understanding this talk, not understand this philosophy, they have a limitation, so they are devastated to have this disease, and you know and everything. That’s why you not going to make, get this disease for you. You do not make this disease transmit to other people. That’s why of course you be careful. Logically, if you just wearing a mask and not washing hands, or you touching everywhere, those things are not helping. But you logically do everything, whatever the experts say. Follow them 100%.

Take as diligent, disciplined, as reviving your good qualities. And reviving your true quality enlightenment. This union of the masculine and feminine warrior nature of the great love compassion. Not the pity, self-pity, pity of others. Not that kind of compassion. Not love something you can’t let go and you are relying on someone. Not that love. The love of you enjoy everything. The compassion is of you are not scared of anything. You have no fear to do anything. Everything is perfect. You have no fear of death. You have no fear of disease, transmit. Everything, you have no fear. You be careful, at the same time you have no fear.

So no fear means peace of mind. Peace of mind means a better immune system in the body. That means you have much more protection from the disease. Everything. So if you do that way, the best protection. The best for everything. The best cure. Or even you have to die through this, this is you meant to die. You enjoy this death. You take this as a great opportunity, no problem. This way is the best way to deal with it. Any other solutions are ok.

All other solutions other people instructing you are treating the symptoms. That’s ok, no problem. But if you really want to heal the illness, if you really want to treat this, the root of the illness, then you need this warrior nature. The great love and compassion union. The most, the ultimate feminine and masculine union. You need this. This is the way to go.

Ok. Are you with me? I will help you on the way. All the way I will be with you and I will help you, if you accept.